We participated in the creation of a Quanghou water park completely different from the ordinary. We have approached the project as a point of reference for entertainment, but also with a sense of security and comfort that every visitor must feel. With interior and exterior options, it certainly does not leave any of our friends, younger or older, without living this unique experience.


In cooperation with one of the most sensitized NGOs worldwide, we brought to small and large communities in Africa the commodity that for many of us is considered to be granted: the water! Through successful efforts we managed to bring water to areas that were based on rainwater only so far, which is reduced every year. Now villages and communities can even plan their crops. An incident that really shocked us and makes us proud of our contribution is when we heard the kids say "No more lake water".


In association with our partner company we created one of the largest solar parks in the world. Our view is that solar photovoltaic installations are some of the cheapest and most productive forces with rapid consolidation and efficiency in emerging economies. Our team provides a wide range of services in this field:

  • Design and control of space
  • Feasibility studies
  • Evaluation of resource and energy efficiency (EAR)
  • Conceptual engineering
  • Initial design
  • Operational monitoring of the project


By taking advantage of all forms of alternative energy, we participated in the construction of a wind farm in South Africa. The wind farm is capable of providing energy, with an average production to meet the needs of 114,100 South African homes. There was a percentage of operating revenue used to benefit the local community through social, economic and business development programs.


We have collaborated with a scientific company and have managed to collect the appropriate data to create a platform that will lead the way for the creation of photovoltaic parks, the PQP. This particular scientific tool gives us information from the right point of creation of the park to the required panels for maximum energy efficiency.


In 2010, we helped to the establishment of a global networking platform for 235+ top loaders and heavy duty loaders in 105+ countries that handle the transport of oversized and heavy objects or shipments made up of composite components.